FCC Letters Regarding Changes to the Canada Summer Jobs Grant Program

Federal Program Website

Recent changes to the Canada Summer Jobs Grant Program have caused widespread concern.  Though Faith Community Church has not used this particular program, many members and our Council have concerns regarding the recent changes. 

These concerns are shared with the wider denomination (Christian Reformed Church of North America or CRCNA), as well as the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada or EFC, an organization to which FCC belongs and that FCC financially supports.   

In response to these changes, FCC Council recently authorized the Clerk of Council to send letters to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, our MP and President of the Treasury Board Scott Brison, and Minister Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

To read more on this topic yourself, here are some links from the CRCNA Network, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and the Government of Canada.  

Tyler Mattheis
Clerk of Council

Congregational Meeting 2018

Congregational Meeting 2018.png

At our Congregational Meeting this year we will discuss vision, budgets, needs, calling, and God's will in our collective lives.  We can will also reflect on how our Church has been and continues to be blessed with vibrant members, dedicated volunteers, unity, and growth. 



In 2017 God has blessed us with:

  • 3 babies born in our midst;
  • 6 youth invited to participate in the Lord's Supper;
  • 2 weddings;
  • 5 baptisms
  • 3 young adults graduating from High School;
  • 3 Professions of Faith; and
  • 1 new member. 

We're looking forward to God's continued leading in new and exciting ways in 2018.  

The congregational meeting is an opportunity for our Church to reflect on the last year, pray over and discuss new opportunities to serve God's kingdom in our community, and enjoy each others company.  

Below is a draft agenda for the evening.  

Due to the number of pages - a copy WILL NOT BE placed in each church mailbox.  Later in the week a hard copy will be placed in the mailbox of a household that does not have email and a number of copies will also be left on the foyer table for those who prefer a hard copy. 


Faith Community Church Council, 2017/18

DRAFT Congregational Meeting Agenda

Tuesday February 20th 2018, 7pm
Potluck starts at 6pm

Faith Community Church Mission Statement:  

Faith Community Church exists to give God glory and to pray and work for the coming of his kingdom both in our neighbourhood and beyond.

Congregational Meeting Description:

Please note the following points regarding the purpose of the congregational meeting:

  • Everyone’s opinion is valuable - we want to hear your ideas and concerns
  • According to the CRC Church Order – motions are made only for what is on the agenda.

  • Discussion, suggestions, and motions at a Congregational meeting are non-binding to Council, but are all important for Council’s consideration and action for the coming year.

Meeting Format

In 2018 we will have a more informal format.  We look forward to an interactive discussion following a shared meal.  


  1. Opening (Council Chair)

  2. Review of 2017 AGM Minutes

  3. Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes

  4. Business Arising from the minutes

  5. Report from Council

    1. include values and Vision process

  6. Committees’ and Ministries’ reports

  7. Auditor’s report

  8. Financial reports and presentation of Budget 2018

  9. New Business

    1. Children’s Worship -  Inform / Discussion on Faith Formation.

      1. There are concerns about Safe Church compliance during Storytime.

      2. Children’s Worship Workshop concept - 10am church, 11, sunday school

      3. Sunday School Times

    2. Building Needs

      1. Building and Renovation Committee Formation

      2. Council commits to assisting the committee with Terms of Reference and guidelines on the work expected.

      3. Receive Nominations

    3. Approval of Financial Budget 2018.

      1. Josiah and Sarah Bokma 2019 support

        1. Faith Community Church has already committed to Josiah and Sarah Bokma for 2018.



 - Ministry Reports and Additional Documents.  

Using Technology


Somewhere around 1440, a man by the name of Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press. Gutenberg's invention revolutionized the way humans gathered and transmitted information.

To be fair, people had been writing books and letter long before Gutenberg or his printing press. However, each book or letter had to be copied by hand, meaning books were expensive. Very few people could read since most people never had access to books.

This means that most information was transmitted from person to person through verbal communication. You say something, I hear it. Then I had to remember that information, otherwise, it was lost forever.

The printing press changed all of that. You could write a book and quickly and easily (and most importantly cheaply!) get that information out to the masses. People became literate because they finally had a reason to become literate. This new technology had a profound effect on the way people not only transmit information but the way we gathered and stored information as well.

You no longer needed to remember everything. You could read something in a book and then, if you forgot what it said, go look it up in that book again later. In this sense, a book became an extension of the human mind. A physical, tangible addition to the human mind. While we don't usually think about it, the book is an incredible piece of technology.

In the same way, computers and the Internet are technologies that have the ability to transform the way we gather, store and transmit information.

Like writing, paper, the printing press and books, computers and the Internet are neither good nor bad technology. Technology itself is never good or bad.  But there are of course good and bad ways to use technology.

Which brings us to this: our new website. As society changes, the church must also find new ways of contextualizing the never-changing message of Jesus. The message never changes, but the methods that we use to communicate that gospel will.

Today, most people go online to do just about everything from buying books or ordering take out to checking their bank account or reading the news. A new, modern website with a fresh look will help us reach Milford and the surrounding area with the gospel. People will be able to use the website to learn about upcoming events and sermon series, sign up for serving teams or join fellowship groups.

More importantly, our new website will help new people feel welcome at our church. It will help people develop new relationships both with Jesus and at Faith Community Church. It will make it easier for people to get plugged in, worshipping Jesus and discovering the ways that he can change their lives.

I'm excited about our new website, not simply because it's shiny and new, but because of the ability technology has to bring the never-changing gospel to an ever-changing world.


Grace and peace,