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Summer sermon series

Summer is a great time to slow down and catch our breath. It’s a time to get out into nature and enjoy creation. Go on a hike. Go fishing. Go camping. These kinds of activities do much to replenish our energy reserves in order to get us through the next season.

In a way we are like trees. During the summer, we need a healthy growth of leaves in order to be able to convert the sun’s energy into the sugars that fuel our growth and bring us through the barren months of winter. We also need well-developed root systems that serve to keep us solidly planted and bring life-giving water to our branches.

When we are healthy, we grow and prosper and spread out. Not only do we develop, we also provide shade to the weary and food to the hungry. On the other hand, when we are barren and unproductive, not only do we suffer ourselves but we also adversely affect those around us.

Trees show up repeatedly throughout Scripture. From the story of creation to the final story of recreation, trees serve literally and symbolically to represent good and evil, healing and rest, idolatry and fruitfulness. They serve as reminders of the covenant God makes with his people, and finally they serve as that symbol of sacrifice as Jesus is crucified on a tree.

In this summer sermon series, we will explore the theme of trees in Scripture as we reflect on rest, healing, rootedness, sacrifice, faith, and new life.

-Pastor Paul Vanderkooy, July 2019


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