When god breaks in

What To Expect As We Discern God’s Calling In Our Lives

When God Breaks In: What to expect as we discern God’s Calling in our Lives

This sermon series will deal with the difficulties and blessings of obedience to the calling God has placed on our lives. As followers of Jesus, we are all called to live out our faith in the context of ‘calling and vocation’ – that place where God calls us to use the gifts he has given us – gifts we may know about or gifts yet unknown. In this series, we will explore various Bible passages and how they inform us in the area of calling and vocation.

1. God Calls: the story of God calling Samuel in 1 Samuel 3

2. God Equips: the story of the calling of Moses in Exodus 3,4

3. God Stretches: the story of Jonah

4. God Does the Impossible: the story of Mary in Luke 1

5. The Guarantee of Conflict: The story from the other side in Revelation 12

6. The Blessing of Faith: The gift of faith as the fuel to obedience (Hebrews 11)

-- Pastor Paul Vanderkooy, September 2018


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