The Gospel of John is like a treasure hunt; follow the clues and you find Jesus. 


When Jesus changed the water to wine at Cana, he was doing much more than just making sure everyone could have a good time at the celebration.  When he healed the Official's son in John 4, the miracle wasn't so much the healing but that the Official took Jesus at his Word and believed in him.  When he fed the 5000 he was pointing to more than just filling empty stomachs, and when Jesus walked on the water he was showing a new way of coming through the turbulent events of life.  In this series, we will follow the clues to find Jesus.

January 27  - John 2:1-11  Water To Wine 

February 3 - John 4:46-54  Officals Son Healed

February 10 - John 6:1-15  5000 Fed

February 17 -  John 6:16-34  Walking On Water 

-- Pastor Paul Vanderkooy, January 2019

Letters To The Seven Churches

Over the next several weeks Pastor Paul will be doing a series based on the Lettters to the Seven Churches in Revelation 2 and 3.  In this series we will examine what it means to be the Body of Christ - how we are shaped by that reality and empowered to do the things we have been called to do as the body of Christ.  We will focus on Love (October 28) Persecution (November 4) Truth (November 11) Holiness (November 25).  Then we will take a break for Advent and pick it up again in the new year.



This sermon series will deal with the difficulties and blessings of obedience to the calling God has placed on our lives. As followers of Jesus, we are all called to live out our faith in the context of ‘calling and vocation’ – that place where God calls us to use the gifts he has given us – gifts we may know about or gifts yet unknown. In this series, we will explore various Bible passages and how they inform us in the area of calling and vocation.

1. God Calls: the story of God calling Samuel in 1 Samuel 3

2. God Equips: the story of the calling of Moses in Exodus 3,4

3. God Stretches: the story of Jonah

4. God Does the Impossible: the story of Mary in Luke 1

5. The Guarantee of Conflict: The story from the other side in Revelation 12

6. The Blessing of Faith: The gift of faith as the fuel to obedience (Hebrews 11)

-- Pastor Paul Vanderkooy, September 2018


The parables that Jesus told serve as word pictures that push the listener to engage the imagination and visualize God's Kingdom.  These 'word pictures' describe easily visualized scenarios - going fishing, asking a neighbour for bread, sowing seed in a field, hiring an employee, looking for a lost coin - simple everyday occurances that give us a window into God's present kingdom.

In this series we will combine some of these parables of Jesus  with well-known artist's renditions of these parables in order to help the listener capture a deeper dimension of the Kingdom truths that Jesus told.  

As I tell the story of the growing seed, we will admire Vincent van Gogh's "The Mulberry Tree" (1889), painted while van Gogh was a patient at a mental asylum.  van Gogh firmly believed he saw God's kingdom all around him in nature, and in his life he sensed the glory of God. 

When we deal with the parable of the Friend at Midnight, we will view two paintings that emphasize different aspects of that parable - Eugene Burnand's drawing of the Importunate Neighbour(1908) and Jan Luiken's portrayal Parable of the Friend at Midnight(1795).  

Through this series it is my hope that we come to a greater appreciation of Jesus' teachings but also to a deeper understanding that all of our senses play in meeting the Kingdom of God.

June 17:  Parable of the seeds (Mark 4:26-34)

June 24:  Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16)

July 08:  Parable of the Friend at Midnight(Luke 11:1-13)

July 15:  Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18:21-35)

July 22:  Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

July 29:  Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) 

-- Pastor Paul Vanderkooy, July 2018