The Gospel of John is like a treasure hunt; follow the clues and you find Jesus. 


When Jesus changed the water to wine at Cana, he was doing much more than just making sure everyone could have a good time at the celebration.  When he healed the Official's son in John 4, the miracle wasn't so much the healing but that the Official took Jesus at his Word and believed in him.  When he fed the 5000 he was pointing to more than just filling empty stomachs, and when Jesus walked on the water he was showing a new way of coming through the turbulent events of life.  In this series, we will follow the clues to find Jesus.

January 27  - John 2:1-11  Water To Wine 

February 3 - John 4:46-54  Officals Son Healed

February 10 - John 6:1-15  5000 Fed

February 17 -  John 6:16-34  Walking On Water 

-- Pastor Paul Vanderkooy, January 2019