Footprints Towards The Cross


The season of Lent is an opportunity for Christians to refocus on things spiritual. Spirituality is about attending to the movements of the Holy Spirit in one’s life and community in order to draw closer to Jesus and Christlikeness. Lent is the perfect time to do this.

Traditionally Christians focus on the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, confession, meditation, and scripture reading during the season of Lent, but this year we will focus on “Everyday Jesus Spirituality” – with an eye to the idea that anything can be a Spiritual practice if approached in that way – as long as whatever it is shifts your focus from yourself onto Jesus and his mission. The idea is that there are many practices that can bring us closer to Jesus; we hope to look at those that run us off the beaten path of traditional.

To help us out, we will be using a series put together by Peter Schuurman and taken from Reformed Worship December 2018. Peter suggests 8 different Spiritual Disciplines on which to focus during this season.

1. The Spiritual Discipline of Getting Lost (March 10)

2. The Spiritual Discipline of being grounded (March 17)

3. The Spiritual Discipline of physical labour (March 24)

4. The Spiritual Discipline of saying no (March 31)

5. The Spiritual Discipline of pronouncing blessing (April 7)

6. The Spiritual Discipline of waking up to God (April 14 Palm Sunday)

7. The Spiritual Discipline of feeling pain (April 19 Good Friday)

8. The Spiritual Discipline of starting over (April 21 Easter)

An image we will use during this season is that of footprints towards the cross. This is meant to reinforce the everyday ordinariness of our spiritual practices.

We hope that you will join us during this season as we seek to find Jesus and deepen our relationship with him through the ordinary everyday steps that we take in our lives. 

-- Pastor Paul Vanderkooy, March 2019