Serving Teams

If you've been attending Faith Community Church for a while and you're looking for a way to get more involved, serving teams are a great opportunity to do so.  Our teams operate on a six-month schedule, but that doesn't mean you need to wait to join a team.  Check out our serving teams below and if there's one you're interested in, you can join today!

Note: Everyone who serves on a team that directly interacts with children must be a member and have their Safe Church paperwork completed. 


Hospitality Team

The role of our hospitality team is to make sure any guests feel welcome during the worship service. The team is made up of greeters who welcome you at the door and ushers who will help you find whatever you're looking for--the washrooms, our kids ministry or just a seat in the auditorium.

Kitchen Team

Each week, following the worship service we have coffee, tea and snacks in the foyer. Our kitchen team is responsible for making sure the coffee is brewed, the cream and sugar are set out and the kitchen is well stocked.


Library Team

Most of us have had at least one book that helped us grow closer to Jesus. Our library maintains a collection of resources that help people learn more about their faith and what it means to follow Jesus. Our library team keeps the library stocks and helps people find and check out resources.

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Media Team

The media team is responsible for helping to provide the very best audio and visual experience during the worship service; mixing the sound to ensure everyone can hear the music and sermon and displaying lyrics or Scripture on the projector.

Nursery Team

Our nursery team provides the highest quality of care for our children ages 0-3, that way guests and regular attenders can be present in the worship service without distraction.

Prayer Team

Following the worship service the prayer team is ready and willing to pray with or for anyone for any reason. Whatever they are told during that prayer time is kept in complete confidence and won't be shared with anyone else.


Story Time

Storytime is a  program (for 3 year olds up to and including Grade 1 students) that provides a means of nurturing faith in young children. It is an age-appropriate loosely structured learning and play environment where children can learn about Christ through play, stories and activities. Children will leave the sanctuary about halfway through the service following a children's song.

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Sunday School

Our Sunday school teachers are responsible for educating our children from ages 4 through high school. Curriculum is chosen by our Sunday school superintendent Amy Bokma.

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Worship Team

The role of the worship team is to lead the congregation in worship God through music. The team consists of both vocalists and musicians.

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