Faith Community Church exists to give God glory and to pray and work for the coming of his kingdom both in our neighbourhood and beyond.


What to expect

At Faith Community Church we try to be different than what most people expect from church.  We believe church can be fun and casual while at the same time engaging and transformative.  Expect people to be here because they want to be here.  Expect people to be at different stages of their walk with Jesus.

On a typical Sunday we'll sing between 6-8 songs (not in a row), spend some time in prayer, and someone, usually Jerry, will get up and teach about Jesus and the Bible for about 20-25 minutes.  We also receive an offering from those who are part of Faith Community Church, but you can just ignore that part (seriously, it's in our FAQ).


What not to Expect

Don't expect a lot of Christian jargon.

Don't expect everyone else to be perfect.

And especially don't expect to be bored or made to feel guilty!